Philips Aurea Dazzles

Clever Philips. I just heard about this this morning. This new television set from the Dutch electronics company changes colour while you watch your movies. The surround of the screen changes hues and tones and colour in harmony with the imagery in the scene you’re viewing. I have to say it’s very pretty.

The demo on their site is impressive, it’s a segment from a specially-commissioned short movie from acclaimed director Wong Kar Wai.

Lauren Conrad does Marc Jacobs

I’m stuck in the wrong corner of the globe. I’m in Brazil, and I need to be in New York. Anyone fancy a swap?

Marc Jacobs is showing at the New York Fashion Week this week, and I’m missing it. The only other downer about this show: I hate the fact that he’s gonna have Lauren Conrad on his fashion show, cause she’s NOT a model, but a reality TV “star”. It’s really lowering the tone.

UPDATE: So, according to some websites, she will not be walking for Marc Jacobs on his upcoming fashion show. She’s just “helping with casting the models”. Good news, at last!

Apple Mac Pear T-Shirt

Internet co-residents Shot Dead In The Head win the Geek Chic of The Week Prize with their Apple Mac Pear T-Shirt.

Are we glorifying Mac here fellas, or taking the piss?

(You can comment on this, but only if you have something vaguely interesting to say.)

Therapy, the Big Draw and Martinis

I believe if you live in Manhattan and are over thirty, you have a ninety percent chance of being in therapy. The other ten percent are simply learning disabled or in deep denial. Or so I tell myself every Saturday afternoon.

After my Saturday ritualistic mind cleansing, I will participate in The Big Draw at the Winter Garden. Everyone’s invited — so if you find yourself in Manhattan this Saturday, swing on by.

Afterwards I’m going to a Martini/Manhattan party — to celebrate my children returning to school. I guess that makes me a martini-loving, single-sorta, knitty-gritty, uptown-all-the-way housewife chick.

And because I’m cool like that and we chill like that — here’s a gift just for you:

Crazy in da Coconut martini


6 ounces of freezing Van Hoo vodka.

1 fresh Mexican vanilla bean. If you can’t find the Mexican variety, use Madagascar

1 tablespoon of cream of coconut.

1 teaspoon of fresh coconut flakes

The mix:

Add a few drops of the cream of coconut to 2 freezing martini glasses, and put them back in the freezer until called upon.

Carefully slice the vanilla bean lengthwise and scrape the insides into a shaker 3/4 full of cracked ice. Drop the vanilla bean into the shaker.

The remaining cream of coconut goes into the shaker.

A good full minute of shaking (stirring is not an option here – is it ever?).

Strain your martini into the glasses in which you’ve added the cream of coconut.

Top each glass with a few coconut flakes.

Put on the reggaeton, get a hot papi and enjoy.

How Not To Be A Desperate Housewife

desperate-housewivesThe back flap of the book says it all “What kind of housewife are you? Are you someone who couldn’t possibly leave the house before you’ve pruned, dusted and filed? Are you a single mum who will go to extraordinary lengths for live? Are you an ex-career girl who is now in constant panic mode trying to run your household like the stock exchange? Or are you a bored Trophy Wife?”

This book looks at four stereotypical housewives (Single Mom, Alpha Wife, Stressed-Out Wife, and Trophy Wife), advising each type on how to live “happily ever after.”

I don’t think Keisha would much approved, and rightly so, but it’s all a bit of fun.

Since no comments seem to be in vogue today, I’m joining in!

Online Dating, Sometimes It Works…

We’ve all had bad experiences with online dating: the headshot, which hid the waistline dimensions; the particular interest in contact-sports, which hid the lesbian-in-denial; the early-clinging signs which should have signaled the stalker-like mentality…

Sometimes though, it works. Sometimes, just sometimes, it can be a positive experience, an education, a lifelong bank of memories, and every once in a while might even lead to love.

Check-out Mira and Brian from Canada, who met on, and who are married exactly one year today.

“‘livinglifealways’ (aka Brian) emailed ‘mokshaheart’ (aka Mira) in mid-November. Three weeks later, she emerged from her virtual slumber and returned the message. By then Brians’ subscription to the site had expired, he was seriously considering letting the opportunity pass. Then again, she was REALLY cute. He decided to dig around a bit, and alas, he found the solution. A special offer for three free days! He returned the message, and the rest is history.“

My Date With Conception

I have a date on Thursday. As usual I’m thinking in advance, what I should wear?

It’s not a typical date though, though I am getting naked: it’s my date for the conception of my baby, and it will happen without my husband even being there.

What is the appropriate outfit for this kind of occasion?

Since I’m going to be a chic pregnant woman very soon, I can’t be dressed too casual, nor should I overdress, so it’s a dilemma.

Underwear: well the doctor probably won’t see them, but just in case, simple, sexy and of course clean. Jewellery: my rings and earrings, and my watch.

Make-up; just the usual, powder and mascara.

But for the rest I’m not sure. Any ideas? It has to be just right!

I want a new bike!

Since I recently bought a new pair of Puma shoes I googled for Puma

new stuff and I came across this bike,:)

Too bad this one is not going to be sold commercially, SIGH 🙁

It s going to be displayed and auctioned-off to raise money for

earthquake victims from Hokuriku area in Japan.

This Puma bike was a joint collaboration between two Japanese artists

Maruwaka and Keigo Kamide. Maruwaka created some bike parts with

Kutani ceramic (Kutani is a traditional exclusive form of pottery).

Back in my home town I used to go for bike rides every day, and now I

miss it …Hope, next year I will buy a new one. Until then…if this

model of bike gets on the market let me know!