pura-lopez-pumpLast time I counted my shoes they were over 120 pairs…. I’ve bought a few pairs since then so I don’t know how many they are now, I’m afraid to check. Still if I had money I’d probably have at least three times that.

I don’t know what it is, I never feel like I have enough shoes. My hubby rolls his eyes everytime we go out and I say “I don’t have any shoes…”

When I see a pair I like I get butterflies in my stomach, similar to the ones you get when you have a crush on someone. I get that feeling and I just HAVE to buy them. If I don’t, I’ll feel restless for the next days. I have that feeling in my stomach that just doesn’t go away untill I buy that pair…if not that pair, then just any pair…!!!

Have you ever had that feeling? Well then I hate to be the one to break the news but you have a problem. You are a shoe-aholic!

But what a wonderful problem to have…