Knit New York

Knit one, purl two, drink. I was chatting with my good friend M the other day and mentioned how incredibly hip knitting has become in New York. Especially for the 20-30 something crowd. I take a look around me, young women and metrosexuals everywhere are doing it – on the subway, in Bryant Park, at bars, coffee shops, movie shoots….New York is being taken over by zenned out knitters one stitch at a time. And I’m part of the craze.

Recently I took lessons and honestly, at first, I wasn’t feeling it, being a bit (ok a lot) hyper and in constant need of instant gratification, I found knitting at a click, click pace completely out of tune with my character. Until my knitting instructor Rahshida (see, I told you it was hip) informed me I would become a better knitter if I would just relax, light up and have a glass of wine. I skipped the weed, but reached for the wine and suddenly I got it. I had entered the knitting zone. That zenned out place you reach as the click of the bamboo needles rocks you into a sense of security as you weave your issues into the Alpacan softness and create your masterpiece.

Knit one, purl two, drink. Knit one, purl two, drink. My favorite places in knit? Booze and Yarn – where knitters and drinkers unite, Knit New York – where knitters and coffee/tea drinkers unite (I also run there when I’m stuck on a pattern), on the subway and of course, Central Park. My current project is a Ruana in a green/brown cashmere mix….it’s in my bag right now, locked in my desk….but I can hear it softly calling my name.