City Train Fashion

There is an over-crowded train which connects East London with the City. I have a doubtful pleasure to take this train twice a day, everyday for 6 minutes. There is also a bizarre phenomenon which occurs on this train only. When you look around most of the people are dressed very smart as most of them work in the offices of the financial district. When you look around the floor, as much as you can look around the floor in this crowd, you will notice that most of them wear sneakers. It is not a manifest of some new city fashion; it’s just a very practical approach towards commuting in an over-populated city.

a). high heels can hurt your co-passengers due to the very limited space each of us have, b). Your new, shiny shoes you spent a fortune on will get wasted before the end of the journey. Therefore it is much a better idea to put those shoes on no sooner than when you reach the office.

Maybe this habit sounds slightly excessive but that’s London and you cannot get more London than that!