Orange Creamsicle

creamsicleAs August nears an end the New York tans are getting deeper, a testament to the weekends spent in the Hamptons, barbeques along the Palisades, the required kiddie trips to Florida or the 24-hour convenience of tanning beds.

So imagine the horror I felt when I noticed a fellow commuter on the uptown #1 whose face was colored like this:

A dayglow orange creamsicle. Obviously a tan like this was neither a creation of the sun nor tanning bed. This is what happens when you decided the bronzer at Sephora is too damn expensive and buy, oh, I don’t know, Jergen’s body self-tanner and slather it on your face like it was antioxidant cream.

*Obviously the picture is not the woman I saw on the train — but the color is exactly the same. Can anyone tell who this face belongs to?