Maintain Your Counterculture Aesthetic

“Contestants must photograph themselves for their MySpace default profile picture, and it’s a neck and neck race to do it. Now the hipsters are aiming to make these pictures look spontaneous yet well composed. Exactly, they want this pic to show their good side, ideally from the point-of-view of some anonymous third party photographer.”

Die Hipsters Die!


Keep your pimp hand strong, sits with me wrong. My feeling on the matter, if a woman, man or transgender can womanup/manup/bitchup and state their opinion without worry or concern of censorship then they have a unique sense of style. And more importantly, they are secure within their own skin.

Sometimes, although rarely, you run across a branding campaign that captures the essence of a noncensored ideal

Kudos to Manhattan Mini Storage.

Bag Lady

Hello Everyone, I’m Yasmin and new at this, but I’ve found the comments completely enjoyable. So, I’m not sure what is right or wrong to say, but worrying about such things really isn’t my style.So a little bit of me — I LOVE BAGS — not just any type of bags, like eBay bags, you know the type oversized assistants carry around the office… but designer bags. I collect them. Currently I have Balenciaga, Yves St Laurant, Fendi, Gucci, the list goes on, but I suppose I should save something for future posts. Did I say I collect them? Uhm, technically the man that my New York Marriage License says is my husband (but I can swear he is really married to his mother… and living a double life… but anyway that drama is for a different blog) — what was I saying? Yes, bags — he purchases them, after I point them out…

I try not to use them much… mostly ’cause honestly, a $3,500.00 bag with a $5 pair of sunglasses… really doesn’t look CUTE walking up 5th Avenue to go to work… HEY… not even walking in the street for that matter. Although I have been known to do just that. Bags are such an obsession in my life, when times are tough… SoftPac toilet paper for 99 cents at the nearest Bodega… will do justice AS LONG AS I HAVE MY BAGS.

Tod’s… Big in Japan

Being in Barcelona, as I often am, I get to see the little Japanese princesseens stepping off the tour buses with frightening regularity – apart from their little Kitty merchandise, the ponytailed hair and the ubiquitous next-generation digital camera in hand, they all share another common feature: flat soled shoes that look like this one.

So I decided to investigate for the benefit of our dear Le Style readers, and to get a legitimate opportunity to look at Japanese girls’ legs. Tod’s apparantly is the answer, specifically “Ballerina Dee”, which somehow seems to suit the overall look coming out of Japan right now . The pair sells for a snip at US$345 BUT BUT BUT, made in Italy, you get Rose metallic leather, Rubber pebble sole, and tie front detail – but it’s only available in “BLUSH” colour, oh my.

Shoved Down My Throat

375026 02: The cast of "Sex And The City," Season 2 Clockwise from top left: Cynthia Nixon, Kristin Davis, Sarah Jessica Parker and Kim Cattrall. 1999 Paramount Pictures

Sometime a few years ago, not long after a new episode of Sex in the City, American women were presented with a new representative standard of beauty buzz word:

Brazilian. Brazilian butt lift, Brazilian extensions, Brazilian sugaring, Brazilian keratin treatment, Brazilian threading, Brazilian pedicure, and the infamous Brazilian wax.

Having participated (ahem, visually) in my share of Carnival, I happily agree that Brazilian ladies are lovely, but you know what? A butt lift is a butt lift, no matter what the name.

Just to be different, this weekend I believe I’m going to ask for the Venezuelan pedicure.

Just Another Knickers Entry

We all like to look good, that’s obvious. How deep does looking good gets though? I’m not talking here about so-called inner beauty. Sure personality is important … and actually when I think about it this blog entry perhaps is about personality. To be more precise it is all about keeping up the appearances.

You have your super-expensive shoes (or at least ones that look like they are), ultra fashionable trousers and a beautiful top. But … what do you have underneath? Do you actually care? 


My friend’s mum is a nurse working in an emergency room. She often undresses people who were brought to the hospital after some accidents. What she noticed and mentioned many times were people who had super expensive outfit on the outside … but old and dirty underwear!Why would they bother? Nobody looks at it anyway, right?  

Study shows that people who are self-confident, like and accept themselves often buy pretty underwear and spend more money on it than people who obsessively care about the opinions of others. It’s all about covering up.  

So ladies show me your knickers and I will tell you who you are!