Just Another Knickers Entry

We all like to look good, that’s obvious. How deep does looking good gets though? I’m not talking here about so-called inner beauty. Sure personality is important … and actually when I think about it this blog entry perhaps is about personality. To be more precise it is all about keeping up the appearances.

You have your super-expensive shoes (or at least ones that look like they are), ultra fashionable trousers and a beautiful top. But … what do you have underneath? Do you actually care? 


My friend’s mum is a nurse working in an emergency room. She often undresses people who were brought to the hospital after some accidents. What she noticed and mentioned many times were people who had super expensive outfit on the outside … but old and dirty underwear!Why would they bother? Nobody looks at it anyway, right?  

Study shows that people who are self-confident, like and accept themselves often buy pretty underwear and spend more money on it than people who obsessively care about the opinions of others. It’s all about covering up.  

So ladies show me your knickers and I will tell you who you are!