Tod’s… Big in Japan

Being in Barcelona, as I often am, I get to see the little Japanese princesseens stepping off the tour buses with frightening regularity – apart from their little Kitty merchandise, the ponytailed hair and the ubiquitous next-generation digital camera in hand, they all share another common feature: flat soled shoes that look like this one.

So I decided to investigate for the benefit of our dear Le Style readers, and to get a legitimate opportunity to look at Japanese girls’ legs. Tod’s apparantly is the answer, specifically “Ballerina Dee”, which somehow seems to suit the overall look coming out of Japan right now . The pair sells for a snip at US$345 BUT BUT BUT, made in Italy, you get Rose metallic leather, Rubber pebble sole, and tie front detail – but it’s only available in “BLUSH” colour, oh my.