The Joy of Pompidou Centre

I had the good fortune to be in Paris last weekend, and I visited the Pompidou Centre, which is a place I haven’t been to since early 1996.

It’s the most fabulously ugly building, both inside and out, but it contains the beating heart of what has become a very trendy area full of designer shops, little cafes and restaurants.

With free wi-fi inside the foyer, a too-cute-to-resist trinket and design shop, a coffee shop with commanding views of the entire place, and an art-oriented bookstore that you could spend HOURS in, the place was abuzz.

It’s not the easiest place in the world to navigate around, I found myself in the middle of a restaurant at one stage, and wasn’t sure if it was a modern art installation or a hallucination. No, I jest, but it IS a tough place to get around, and I left it feeling I’d missed a floor, or a display, because as big as it is I felt I’d only seen 2 or 3oo pieces, which seems a lot in print, but not when you’re actually there.

Still, a joy, a true joy. Here’s a nameless piece from a nameless corridor, in a nameless gallery, on just one of the many floors inside Pompidou Centre – visit next time you’re in Paris, I recommend.