Skunkfunk Does Green

I like the Skunkfunk brand, with a few independent stores dotted around the back-streets and cooler areas of Barcelona, away from the tourist-infested main thoroughfares, they’re a break from the norm (norm: Zara, Mango, Massimo Dutti, Zara again, Oysho etc)

Kicking-off in the Basque country (Northern Spain/Southern France) they’ve opened up in a plethora of locations as far away as Tokyo and San Francisco.

But boy do they LOVE green! And not a dark green, which I’d wear… but a lime green green – a green that’d be a little hard to get away with, unless you’re living in a place where the sun shines morning to night. I can’t see it being a success on Dame Street in Dublin on a pissy-wet October evening.

Still, I like their style, it’s brave and it’s young, and it’s keeping-it-small while resisting to be everywhere-at-once, which will be the downfall of fellow-Spanish start-up Desigual, who were once niche… but they got greedy.