Interfacing With Accessories

Wearing clothes because they happen to have a custom-made iPod pocket is pretty dumb. Whatever happened to normal pockets for holding normal things? It’s not as if iPods come in one fixed size for one fixed pocket size anyway, Apple’s selling-out-to-the-masses ensured there’s now about 10 different dimensional sizes. Nor is it like the things are so heavy that pockets need special stitching or reinforcement. And BROTHER, these cars with the iPhone dock, what are they thinking!? You’d hope your car would last longer than your iPhone, right? And with iPhone on average (from personal experience) lasting a total of 366 days before they die, you’ll have gone through at least three before you plan on selling-on your wheels.

Get WITH it! Music players, wallets, mobile phones, cash and coins should fit into YOUR life, you don’t mould your life, or change your clothing, to fit with THEM!