My Camper Wannabes

Am I wrong to love these shoes? They’re my favourites. They’re at least 10 years old. They were bought in Alcampo, a Spanish equivalent of Wal-Mart. They’re an intentional rip-off of Camper, they cost me about five euros, and they’ve a great bloody tear near the heel. The first day I wore them, I took them to a nightclub, and they were destroyed: beer, gunk, scratches, beer stains, you name it. I took them home, and had the bright idea that perhaps pure alcohol would clean them in a way that no household detergent or shoe cleaner would.

So with cotton wool in hand, and 100% alcohol in the other, I set about cleaning them. Clean them, it did – but it also left them with some major discolouration around the toe. Disgusted, I threw them in a press. They were saved about 2 years later when I realised the discolouration gave them real personality, and I’ve worn them into the ground since – they’ve been to move live gigs than the Spice Girls! And I adore them.