Sarah Maple

Comment by martapiotrowska

October 30, 2007 @ 10:13 pm

By an avarage Londoner? Londoners have a tendency not to pay attention. They/we are very selfish creatures.

The muslim community though does not like the idea and as much as I admire Sarah I can see their point as I, myself, was brought up in an uber-religious country.

Joanna Kustra

While drinking my morning tea and coming to terms with that one extra hour we’ve been given as a compensation for upcoming winter I discovered THIS website. I am full of admiration.


Kudos or … Qdos should I say.

How to make men wash their hands…

My parents and my youngest brother were visiting me last week and of course I had to take them to see all the great things here in Barcelona. And when you are travelling you have to use public toilets…

Me and my mom were waiting in a line the other day and the sinks were in front of the toilets. While we were waiting we noticed that only one… ONE!!! man washed his hands after they came out.

Well….I think we found the solution to this problem

Icelandic Fashion #2 Júníform

Birta Björnsdóttir is the creator of Júníform. She is a very artistic young

woman who is also a make-up artist.

She was the principal of the “No Name” make-up school in Iceland before she

decided to become a fashion designer. Her clothes are romantic and unique.

She has two lines, Júníform, where she makes more than one piece of each

design, and Júník, where the designs are one-offs.

She recently reopened her shop after giving it a major makeover. Can’t wait

to see it next time I go to Iceland. Maybe I’ll even buy a thing or two…