Models, Mere Puppets?

Comment by Trinity

October 17, 2007 @ 5:28 pm

I blame Barbie! the muppet.. um I mean puppet..doll! 🙂 According to a recent survey, some English Uni I think, Barbie has been a big influence on the way young girls perceive appearance, starting out as young as 5 years old.

As far the way she reacts to the camera, most aspiring models are told to ‘act’ and ‘perform’ a certain way in front of the gahoot holding the camera in the first instance. At that stage they are puppets for deffo! She’s a gawd damn rake! Miserably thin.

Awareness Bracelets Muck

These things have gotten out of control. Some cyclist or other wore one once, then everyone thought it was a good idea. While purportedly worn to show support for good causes… people now wear these things to tell the world X, Y or Z about themselves: that they’re a geek, or that they support a particular football team, or that the like the colour green. Ridiculous stuff.

A fashion item it’s not. If you’ve got one of these around your wrist, do us all a favour, don’t cut off the bracelet – cut your wrist!

Google Hit Count Ring

Comment by Trinity

October 11, 2007 @ 9:23 pm

Jazus another gizmo, that drives me seriously ga ga gadgety!

but really it’s not about hits, it should be about rank and conversation roight 🙂 and not to mention the clicks! Hits mean nothing. As long as one has an SEO savy webdesigner/master yer away on a hack! I prefer to be clicked than hit 🙂 it’s the clicking and the ranking that leads to the all important conversation, n’est pas? Hits only matter really if content creates enquiries but I guess it’s a nifty idea from a guy with rather unusual nifty ideas! I could do with a third hand myself!

Interfacing With Accessories

Wearing clothes because they happen to have a custom-made iPod pocket is pretty dumb. Whatever happened to normal pockets for holding normal things? It’s not as if iPods come in one fixed size for one fixed pocket size anyway, Apple’s selling-out-to-the-masses ensured there’s now about 10 different dimensional sizes. Nor is it like the things are so heavy that pockets need special stitching or reinforcement. And BROTHER, these cars with the iPhone dock, what are they thinking!? You’d hope your car would last longer than your iPhone, right? And with iPhone on average (from personal experience) lasting a total of 366 days before they die, you’ll have gone through at least three before you plan on selling-on your wheels.

Get WITH it! Music players, wallets, mobile phones, cash and coins should fit into YOUR life, you don’t mould your life, or change your clothing, to fit with THEM!

weeo-weeo fashion faux pas!

Noone with a common fashion sense liked Crocs in the first place but, if any of you have seen the most hideous combination created since peanut butter and jelly you will stand behind me to say that Uggs mixed with Crocs is a horrible idea. I really hope that trend doesn’t catch on. Especially since Cruggs sounds like some horrible new STD. I can totally see it.

second time around

For the second time in my life I am pressed to make one of the most difficult fashion decisions women worldwide face….the wedding dress.  I’ve made my choice and today commissioned someone to make this dress for me:

This simple yet elegant cowl neck dress has lower draping in the back and will be made of double sided liquid silk.  I’ve chosen ivory because ivory is more flattering than white on my complexion and with five children following me down the beach to my ex-husband, new groom, white would be uh laughable. 

This week I will hire a personal trainer who has absolutely no compassion or tolerance for excuses I have some serious arm work, and who am I kidding, ab work to do. 

the fragrance I absolutely despise

Comment by Trinity

October 9, 2007 @ 11:56 am

Yeah there is a couple of those Dior Poisons. Original was Poison. There is also Hypnotic, Midnight and Pure followed suit somewhere along the line. All as horribulus as the other! They make me sneeze.

they grew on me

Occasionally I can be swayed.  This was one of those times.   I first noticed spectator shoes about two weeks ago on the feet of the autumn eager, I was unmoved.  But I woke up this morning with an eagerness to own.  I was probably exposed to subliminal branding, maybe on the subway — who knows.  So, compliments of Zappos my frenzied state will be eased on Monday.  Say hello to my new friend Stuart Weitzman.

Personally, I can’t think of a better shoe to go with my oversized tweed menswear trousers….can you?

Hear About Hearwear Wear?

I came across this in LA recently. Didn’t know what it was at the time, but a bit of Googling resolved the issue.

It’s HearWear, and they say: “wearable visual reflection of your auditory surroundings. It perceives sound levels and uses a scale of lights to reflect amplitude in clothing or accessories. The level of light depends on the level of sound; the louder it is, the more your apparel lights up.“

And then: “The electronics are seamlessly integrated in the wearable design – the sound-detecting sensor is subtle and unnoticeable, and the LEDs and electro-illuminating wire are embroidered in the transluscent textile. The developed system can be applied to any wearable items – be it skirt, bags, T-shirts, jackets, pants and belts.“

I quite like the idea, but I’m a little concerned I’d be confused for a traffic light, or for a neon sign outside a 7-Eleven! You?

Launch of Zune 2.0

Well it’s not really called that, but it’s not wrong to dub it such. Microsoft released the new-look Zune today, and it’s looking pretty good, but with the latest changes to the iPod (iPod touch and iPod nanos), it’s unlikely it’s going to be an iPod killer over the Christmas period.

Still, Microsoft >are< making some positive waves at last, especially in light of the battering Apple is taking this last week over the iPhone firmware updates, and how it’s alienating its fans.