Bikini shopping fever

Summer. Downtown storefronts. 40°. Other than buying “just” a few pairs of sandals I’ve to go shopping for the perfect bikini.

Window shopping is the word and the ritual that belongs to the past. When debit, charge, credit or all the other types of card were not in use. Plastic will get me a bikini today.

bikiniSent from heaven, in all its splendor, on a perfectly shaped plastic doll. That ’s the one I want! Frantic like sensation that tingles inside of me. Like in case of shoes, I’ m willing to spend a small fortune. I enter the store, quickly grab my size, as if some lady is going take that exact pair. The last one, of course.

I must try out these two little patches ’cause it’s THE piece of clothing for this summer! How ridiculous can that be? On that perfect sunny day, on your favorite beach, will your male be interested in what you have on or will he just look at the best bottom he can spot on that beach?

Completely irrelevant in this moment.

So, I find myself sweating, in a hot, stuffy changing room without air conditioning. Suffocating in a parfum stench of at least 200 women that were in there before me. Trying out bikinis. I don’t fit in size 3 or 4! My upper patch should be size 4 and the bottom size 3 (how lucky am I or what?)

“I wish could combine those sizes…”

How many times I wished I could switch sizes of bikinis, pay and run out of the store without anyone noticing? I’m sure some of you girls did that, right? This year’s hit is a tailored bikini – a combination that best suits your needs. Define your style, colors, shapes and sizes.

Here’ s a tip: Calzedonia Mix and Match.

There are other producers on the market too but for that you’d have to explore the downtown area.. ’cause there is no better way to relax then shopping on +40°.